Episode 20: Graduation!

Last Sunday marked a huge milestone in my life. I finally graduated from Rutgers! :D As happy as I am to be done with school work and all, I'm definitely going to miss being a student. The only things I really had to worry about was doing my school work and passing my classes. haha. Now I have to worry about finding a job, paying off loans, and a bunch of other responsibilities. :( I can't wait till I find a job!... but definitely not looking forward to the interviewing part. I hope I can find a job within a large company that offers a training program for new employees. Crossing my fingers! Also, congrats to everyone who's graduating from their current schools! Those of you graduating from high school must be super happy! College life is like "freedom" if you live away from home. I'm definitely going to miss that...

Anyways, to mark the celebration of graduation season, I decided to film a nail tutorial. I wore this to my own graduation. I had a red & black gown and a matching tassel with gold accents. So I used the basic black and white with gold as the accent color on my nails. :) 

Of course, you should mix and match the colors to match your gown/dress! haha. I hope you enjoy this video! 

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