Episode 26: Life Updates, [Sanrio] My Melody Tutorial & My Unfulfilled Promise


I know I almost disappeared from the internet for the last 3 weeks. I let you guys down-- actually, I let myself down as well. I didn't keep my promise to blog at least once a week. A lot of things have been happening the last few weeks, which has caused me to feel really overwhelmed. Several of my close family members have been getting really sick lately and I just got into an auto accident, so it's been a constant in and out of the hospital :( All the unfortunate things come at once! Hopefully I will recover from my pain soon so I can get back on track with my life soon and fulfill the promise that I made 3 weeks prior. Thanks for hanging in there with me ♥

On a brighter note, I finally have a video up! This was pre-recorded about 2 weeks before though, just didn't get the time to edit it till now. Maybe this video will lighten up everyone's spirits more with its cuteness! I'm starting a Sanrio themed charm series on my channel so I hope you guys will enjoy it. :) I wanted to start off this series with My Melody because she's my favorite atm. I haven't decided on which characters I will make yet -- maybe if my subbies request enough characters, I'll just leave it up to them! haha. I was definitely thinking of making Kerropi and Badtz-Maru though. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. You can watch the first video of this series below.

Until next time,


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