Episode 12: Needle Felt Dolphin Tutorial

Hello my crafty friends!

Today I decided to make a tutorial on a needle felting project. I want to make several of these tutorials for needle felting and polymer clay creations in the future so be on the lookout! :) I didn't know how I wanted to organize this tutorial at first because I had taken over 30 pictures. It would've been very tedious to upload them all onto the blog directly as well as take a lifetime to load the page. I decided to use InDesign and create a PDF file for you guys to download and enjoy. :)

Read on for the link!

Episode 11: Holiday Shopping Discount!

It's the time of year again! The holidays are here and everyone's hustling around to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. In celebration of the holidays, our Etsy shop is offering 15% off your purchase when you use the promo code HOLIDAY12

Everyone loves getting great deals on gifts, including us. Great deals bring happiness and everyone should be full of joy for the holidays! So what are you waiting for? Stop on by and check out our cute items at great prices today! :)

See you soon,

- Angela

Episode 10: Scarlet the Piggy


Needle Felted Piggy Keychain - Scarlet

Needle Felted Piggy Keychain

Needle Felted Piggy Keychain

Meet Scarlet. She's the newest member of our needle felted zoo collection. Her cuteness brings happiness to everyone that sees her! Having her hanging from your cellphone or keys will automatically bring a smile to your face. :)

Stop by our shop and read more about the details! :)

- Angela

Episode 9: Cozy Sweaters

Sweaters are definitely a necessity during the winter time. It's still possible to look fashionable and cute even though you're all bundled up with layers of clothing; layering tops, thick pants, thick socks, boots, etc. I recently came pass this site and saw these cute sweaters and thought I'd share it with you guys! All these items were found on SHEINSIDE, so go check it out! 

They're also giving out 15% off your purchase if you sign up an account with them.
Also, if you enter in the code "sweaters10" you can get 10% off their sweaters.

Happy shopping guys! :)


Episode 8: Needle Felted Lion Keychain


Needle Felted Lion Keychain

Say hello to Sunny the Lion! We named him Sunny because he looks like a sunflower. :) This is a keychain or cellphone charm. There is a cellphone strap included.

He is now available in our shop so head on over and check out more pictures and details about him!

Thank you for stopping by!

- Angela

Episode 7: Fur Leopard Mix

Episode 6: Little Berry Earrings


Little Berry Earrings

Perfect for the holidays, Perfect for that summer floral dress. These earrings go with almost any outfit in any of the seasons.

Head over to our shop and see more on the details of these cute earrings!

- Angela

Episode 5: Etsy - Needle Felted Rabbit Keychain


Needle Felted Rabbit Keychain

Needle Felted Rabbit Keychain

Needle Felted Rabbit Keychain

Episode 4: Reminiscing Fall

[tank: Urban Outfitters (similar), sweater: Cotton On (similar), shorts: Abercrombie Kids (similar), socks: Forever21 (similar), shoes: Urban Outfitters (similar)]

It surprised me when the weather report said it was going to be 63 degrees in December. I just had to take advantage of this beautiful weather and reminisce the feeling of wearing shorts again, since it will probably never be as warm again this winter. Sometimes I just wish I moved to LA to experience this kind of weather everyday during the winter time.


Episode 3: A Touch of Warmth

60 degrees in December? So hard to believe, but I love it! It's been so cold and gloomy lately that we definitely needed this day as a break. It must've been a sign since I had a Chinese exam, which I think I did very well on! -fingers crossed- 

I opted for something more loose and flowy since it was an exam day and I had to wake up earlier. I chose to wear a baggy white sweater with a black mini skirt. I wore black tights under since it was a little chilly in the shade. This was the perfect outfit for me that day since I wanted it to be simple, comfy and semi girly.

What do you think about this outfit?

- Angela

Forever21 sweater (similar) ; H&M mini-skirt (similar) ; Worthington tights ; SquareOne boots (similar)

Episode 2: Etsy Shop

Hi everyone!

Starting a shop of some kind has always been on my To Do list, but I never had enough time to actually do it. After starting this blog with Brenda, I've become more motivated to create the shop because I'd have a partner to help me out. This also allows for more variation of items in our shop. We have different interests in crafts. Brenda's specialties are knitting scarves, DIY jewelry and doing DIY customization on different pieces of clothing, such as studding, dyeing/bleaching, fraying, etc. Mine are polymer clay, wire rings, and needle felting and sewing. 

If you have noticed before you stumbled onto this, we have a link in the navigation that says "SHOP". We have finally opened a shop of our own and I am more than just excited about it since I've been wanting to open one for at least 2 years. I sincerely hope that you guys will enjoy shopping at our Etsy shop. We will be sure to create a blog post for everything that we sell in the shop and let you know what is now available! 


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