Episode 21: Sister DIY Day

So on Wednesday & Thursday, Brenda and I were in DIY moods so we decided to film a tutorial each for our YouTube channels. :) Each project took a little longer than expected, but the results were great! She wanted to make flower crowns for the upcoming concert that she's going to. You can check out her tutorial here :) :

As for my project, I've been looking into ways to bring some life into my room. It's always super messy (I really need to work on cleaning that up), especially now, after we've moved back from our apartment at school. But I saw some flower balls on Pinterest that were really pretty, so I wanted to make them to decorate my room with them! When I went to Michael's to get the styrofoam balls, I saw the cone version and it looked so cute! So I thought, "Hey! they can be flower trees instead!" So.. here's the result:

I had a little trouble with the bottom of the cone. It kept shedding stuff! I was ripping off the leaves afterwards to save them and when I saw the 3-leaf ones, I thought it would be a great idea to glue them together and stick it to the bottom. :D I think it turned out pretty awesome! I have another idea on how to use this flower decorating technique to spice up my future filming area. :D (If we really do set up the basement for our filming area... only downside is that there is no windows for natural lighting... so we'll have to see.)

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you in my next post!

PS: If you guys have any ideas on what kind of videos/tutorials you'd like to see, please leave a comment down below or on my videos and let me know! :D


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