Episode 1: Introductions

Welcome to the Just Honnie blog!

Let me introduce myself as well as give you a brief background of what this blog will turn out to be! (hopefully... :P)

This blog is a collaborative blog between me and my younger sister, who will be doing an intro on herself sometime soon. We lead two completely different lives and thought it would be fun to create a blog that we can share. It's a bit difficult for us to each maintain our own blogs since it requires quite a bit of almost every day. We're still college students at the moment so we have to spend a bit of time studying and doing homework every day, so by sharing this blog, we can take turns updating it which can allow for more frequent posts as well as provide some variety of posts throughout this blog. :) We hope that this blog will be entertaining and helpful to you. Thank you!

Now an introduction on my personal self... 

Hi! I'm Angela. :D I'm currently a senior in college, studying Information Technology so I guess I'd be classified as a 'nerd' in some cases. Haha. I didn't originally start out with IT as my major though. Like every other Chinese family, attempting to major in the medical field was a given. I tried that and found that it definitely wasn't for me so I ended up with IT. I've always loved technology throughout my entire life. Every year for Christmas, I'd always ask my parents for some sort of tech gadget as my present. (Totally the opposite of my sister!) 

I wasn't big on fashion and makeup until after my second year of college. Now, I love buying new clothes and trying on new makeup techniques that I learn through watching YouTube videos. :) I don't have a specific style that I go with every day. I guess my preferred style is something cutesy(?). It really depends on my mood for that day. Once in a while, I like to try to purchase something out of my comfort zone and try something new.

One last thing that this blog will have for sure are DIY blog posts. I love crafts so I like to to do DIY things from time to time. One of my favorites is working with polymer clay to make little figurines. Be on the lookout for blog posts and possibly tutorials (if time allows) on some polymer clay figurines. I'm also open to suggestions on what to make as well! I have my own separate blog that I used to update which had posts on the figurines that I've made. I will probably end up moving them over here one at a time.

I hope this post wasn't too long! Thank you so much for reading our blog! :)


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Hui Min said... December 25, 2013 at 8:31 AM

Such a great introduction! I am looking forward to more of your DIY blog posts!

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Hello there~ Welcome to the Just Honnie personal blog! This blog is run by two sisters by the names of Angela and Brenda. We hope that you enjoy your stay at our personal blog and do come back soon if you do! You can read more about us in our intro. (: