Episode 25: Two Polymer Clay Tutorials (Minnie Mouse Cupcake & Lemon Meringue Pie) and Updates!

Okay so I lied. :( I didn't update once a week. I'm sorry! I will get my act together really soon because.........

I officially have a job!

It has definitely been a stressful month for me, with all the job hunting and interviews. But now, all those worries are over and I can finally set a routine for myself every day. My work hours are from 9AM-6PM, which means I will not be able to film on the weekdays anymore. :( (unless I film with my yellow lights..) I'll probably have to reserve a day over the weekend to film a video so I have the weekdays after work to edit them. 

Here's what I was thinking about:
Sunday: Film
Monday - Tuesday: Edit
Wednesday: Upload video
Thursday: New blog post
which leaves me with Friday night and Saturday to relax. :)

It definitely sounds ideal, but I'll have to actually go with it and see how it works out. Hopefully I won't be too exhausted from work. I also plan on hitting the gym for an hour after work a few times a week. Probably Monday, Wednesday and Fridays... I'm gonna need a gym buddy. I've never gone to one alone. lmao. I'm a big CHICKENNNN.

So anyways, I have TWO tutorials for you guys today! The first one is a Polymer Clay Minnie Mouse Cupcake Tutorial. If you follow me on YouTube and you've already seen it, thank you ♥ If not... then here it is! Check it outtttt.

It was my very first polymer clay tutorial so please excuse the horrible focusing and such. -.-" It was probably more work trying to film it than actually making it because I couldn't figure out how I wanted the set up to be, how to properly film it so you can see all the details and such. BUT... I pretty much have it figured out now in my new tutorial for the Lemon Meringue Pie!

I decided to film this because it was.... NATIONAL LEMON MERINGUE PIE DAY (August 15)! haha. I was totally unaware of these kind of days until it was National Cheesecake Day on July 30th and restaurants and bakeries were offering 50% off all cheesecakes! So I got curious and decided to look up what other national dessert days there are and lo and behold... almost every day is a national day for some kind of dessert/food! So I was thinking about doing tutorials for popular desserts so we can all learn something new! :) yay!

So yeah, please like and subscribe if you liked these videos! :) Feel free to request tutorials and I'll see if I can take on your challenge! ;) Let me know in the comments below (or in my videos) what you thought and/or how I can improve future tutorials.

Thanks so much♥


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