Episode 24: Minute Styles - 4 Corduroy Pants Pairings

It's been a while since I last made a YouTube video and even longer  since I last blogged! I've been so caught up the last 2 weeks applying to jobs and going to interviews. No excuse for the time before that though! haha. I was just enjoying my summer. :) But now I'm back and I will be blogging at least once a week! (and produce a video)

For my latest video, I did a pairings video on the new corduroy pants I purchased at H&M for only $2.50! How great of a deal is that?! Corduroy always appeared old fashioned to me before, but seeing a pair of pants for $2.50 was something I just couldn't pass up. So, I decided to get them and see what I can wear with them. They're black (I also purchased a pair of dark blue ones) so it makes it a lot easier to wear. I think black is definitely a great entry into a style that's out of your comfort zone. It's not too flashy and definitely leaves a lot of leeway for you to play around with different textures/styles.

Without further ado, lets get started with my pairings!

Watch my video here: 

Outfit 1: Chic 
Gold Sequin Blouse (Forever21) with nude pumps

This outfit is great for going out on a date. The sequins and pumps give off a very feminine and 'formal' feel while the corduroy texture tones it down a bit to a more casual feel.

Outfit 2: Edgy
Pleather Peplum Top (Zara) with nude pumps

When I was pairing this outfit, I immediately thought of Nikita. It gives off a very fierce vibe, which is nice once in a while. :) The 'deep' V-neck area brings out a very sexy feel as well. I think this outfit is perfect for those clubbing days!

Outfit 3: After Work
Shell Tank (Loft) with two tone flats

Got a date right after work and no time to change outfits? You could just keep the top you're wearing and put on the corduroy pants for a more relaxed look and you're all ready for your date! You still look polished, but comfortable at the same time.

Outfit 4: Casual
Chambray Shirt (Forever21) with flipflops

This look is perfect for going to class, chilling with your friends, or just a casual outing. Best of all, it's super comfortable. I think the colors also go really well together.

Hope you're having a super day and I'll see you in my next post!



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