Episode 27: September 2013 Barkbox

My (actually Penny's) very first BarkBox Subscription Box :)

This post is long overdue, but I haven't had time to put it up till now. So without further ado, let me tell you about my first BarkBox experience. They have subscriptions for 3 types of dogs: small/toy size, medium size and large size dogs. I have a Shih-tzu that's about 14lbs so she definitely falls into the small/toy dogs category. I purchased a 6 month subscription which was $114, but I used a $12 off your purchase coupon from Wrapp, so I paid $112 for 6 months. 

I was super excited to receive my first Barkbox. There are different items every month, so its always going to be a surprise. I was looking at the last 2 months before I decided to purchase. I must say, I was a little disappointed with the items this time. I was hoping for treats that were made out of meats, as those are Penny's favorites. So let me review each item that I got for you:

It's Purely Natural - Chicken & Brown Rice Biscotti with Sweet Potato Chunks

This is definitely Penny's favorite out of all the items. This was something that she would get really excited over - hops and chasing and all. Penny just loves chicken and rice overall (so Asian). When I first opened the bag, she didn't know what it was and wasn't too interested. After a few minutes of sniffing it, she got really into it and now she loves it! I ripped all the pieces in half and give her a piece each time as they are kind of big. As I was ripping them, I did notice some oil(?) left on my fingers, so they're not like the dry biscuits (like below)

Wagatha's Organic Dog Biscuits - Tuscan Pizza

Penny is a very picky eater. She refuses to eat any of her meals without chicken or the wet can dog food mixed into the dry foods. I actually thought she would like this, but apparently not. Of all the treats that she has, this is probably her most hated one.. We buy her Milk Bones, which she also doesn't really like, but they're more filling than her small meaty treats. She would have to be really hungry to eat it. Now, this is always the treat that's sitting on her bed. She also refuses to chew this for some reason. I have to rip this into at least 4 pieces for her to eat it....

 Aussie Naturals - Koala Rope Toy

This was so cute and soft! Unfortunately, I don't think Penny understand that it's a toy. haha. It's really flat and kind of wide so it sort of looks like a blanket. That's probably what she thinks it is. She does have 2 blankets that she lays on, which is exactly what she does with this. She refuses to put this in her mouth. Sometimes, she'll accidentally stop on one of the ends and it will squeak, which she turns around to stare at it for a few seconds before going back to her bed. haha.

 Vetra Care Pet - Liquid Bandage

THIS! Would have been so helpful if it arrive 2 weeks before. haha. We were trying to give Penny a fur cut and accidentally cut her a few times... it would've been so great to try this out when she had her cuts! But by the time the BarkBox came, she was already fully healed (probably due to her non-stop licking all day long..) I've never seen anything like this for dogs, so I'm pretty excited to try this next time she gets a booboo.. although I hope she doesn't at the same time. lol..

So that was my very first Barkbox. I was pretty satisfied with the box, but I don't think Penny was, unfortunately. Hopefully the next box will be better for her!

See you in my next post,


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