Episode 7: Fur Leopard Mix

Today was a pretty okay day. I ended up waking up at like 1:30 pm today so by the time I was ready to go out for lunch, it was already 3 pm. I was craving sushi all week so I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, all the sushi places were closed for break until 4 pm! So I ended up eating at H-Mart with my boyfriend. The ramen noodles were okay, but definitely far from Batten Ramen's. 

We did a little shopping afterwards. Shopped around inside H-Mart to buy me steak for tonight. Then we headed off to Target to buy some shipping supplies. I sold my first Etsy item yesterday! It really made me so happy that I wanted to cry. I had thought that it would take much longer before I would sell anything. Gonna get to packing it so I can ship it out on Monday.

Skipping back to yesterday, I went to see the Hobbit last night. I believe I had read the book before in high school, but I totally forgot. We had a pretty lousy experience too because we had paid for D-Box, which is where the seats in the theater move according to how the movie's going, kind of like those 4D movies at like Disney or Six Flags. But the seats weren't working for some odd reason, so we ended up getting a refund and readmission tickets to see a regular 3D movie. I was looking forward to the moving seats too! So disappointed. 

But I did manage to make a small purchase at the mall where the theater is located. Wet Seal was having an additional 60% off sale items. I've never shopped there before, but my friend said it was her favorite store so we went in for a look. I found the skirt shown in the picture above on the sale rack for $8.99 and after the extra 60% off, it came out to $3.60. What a steal! It was in X-Small too, which is usually really rare for sale items. 

That's been my weekend so far. Finals are coming up next week so I'm a bit nervous about that, especially the Intro to Literary Chinese one. That class is so difficult.. Aside from that, definitely looking forward to the start of my last semester in college!

Thank you so much for reading!

jacket: Urban Outfitters (here) ; shirt: Uniqlo crew neck (similar) ; skirt: Wet Seal (here)

- Angela


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