Episode 1.2: Introductions


Hi guys! Welcome to our blog. My name is Brenda! Like my sister has said, this is a collaborative blog because we both don't have the time to manage a blog on our own cause of classes, exams, homework, and so on. You get the idea, cause we're COLLEGE STUDENTS :)

Well let me introduce myself a bit. Just like my sister, I attend Rutgers University and currently a junior. I'm technically considered a sophomore because I'm a transfer student and some of my credits weren't able to transfer over. Oh well. Anyways, I'm currently 20 years old so the BIG 21 is coming! I always wanted to make a blog, but I didn't have the time to maintain my old one, so hopefully this collaborative blog will work out for the both of us. My sister said most of the important things below, so just read that. We're mainly going to do DIYs, fashion posts, hauls, reviews, and all the other good stuff so please keep on the lookout!

Thanks a lot guys and hope you become inspired by our posts and follow us! :)


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Hello there~ Welcome to the Just Honnie personal blog! This blog is run by two sisters by the names of Angela and Brenda. We hope that you enjoy your stay at our personal blog and do come back soon if you do! You can read more about us in our intro. (: